Eyal Tal & Nathalie

To our Sea Compass Family

The element of Water flows in our veins, the Wind blows our sails wide, and the Sea Waves guide us through  our journey.


who are we

We have been living alongside the sea while enjoying everything it offers, for the last twenty years. Together and individually, we are learning, educating, giving, and doing - inspired by great love from the everlasting blue gift - water

After a few years overseas, we decided to return to Israel, to drop anchor, and to establish the surfing club "Matzpen Hayam" (translation for Sea Compass in Hebrew) - a family club which combines our love to the sea while adding additional and enjoyable elements, that contribute to a healthy way of life


A seafarer with many years of experience as a diving instructor at various levels, As a skipper he has crossed many miles at  sea and shared his vast experience in boating instruction lessons. Eyal is a Surfing Instructor & Personal Trainer,  manages "Matzpen Hayam" club on the Gold Coast, in Caesarea.

Eyal teaches personal and group surfing courses for beginners at all ages,  He is also your personal escort during surfing trips abroad arranged by "Matzpen Hayam" club. Eyal flies to surf sites abroad, builds the itinerary for courses and surfing holidays, coordinates the flights, the accommodation, and most importantly the fun. During these majestic excursions Eyal introduces you to professional people, wonderful beaches, new scents and marine experiences that leaves you with a taste of more.


A dolphin trainer in the past,  a sea woman with vast experience as Crew,  a Yacht cooker, Sailing instructor & currently swimming instructor for toddlers, children and adults
Our “mom” that will accompany you with her strongest element - Water
Tal, has extensive experience in the sea, and will make sure that you are having the greatest time while adapting to the marine environment with no fear or stress. She will make you laugh, share with you stories and teach you from her vast experience how to empower yourself in the water


A natural mermaid at her soul, Natalie has graduated her degree of physical education & maritime education at the Wingate College. Natalie is a Sailing instructor, windsurfing & swimming instructor, with rich experience, vision and a healthy approach to life that she will be happy to share with you.

Natalie, who has undergone Surfset Training - will train and guide you on stability, flexibility and proper nutrition and fitness.
With her personal accompaniment and her experience, you will be able to create the right settings for joyfulness and confidence while on the sea waves or whenever the waves of life rock your boat..

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