What is Surfset?

Surfset is a new method of workout, that is simulated on a board & designed to engage your core & stabilizer muscels.

We have developed a new workout for everyone and especialy surfers. In the workouts you will work on building strength, flexebility, coordination & dynamic workouts.

Surf program and
Surfset Fitness

The program combines

1-2 surfset workouts

2-3 surfing lessons

Join us to a new dynamic workout & work on bulding your strength - endurance

core & stabilizer muscels



How does the workouts help me in the surf?

To be able to surf longer hours and longer days without getting injuerd, we need to stay in shape.

We developed a special fitness program for thoes who want to maintain thier surf strength.

strengthening your core & stabilizer musecles for less injuries

more strength and endurance workouts for longer session & balancing between the muscels.

Flexibility for better agility & movment on the board.

Surfers & Fitness Program

What if i am a surfer?

Perfect, we can take your fitness to the next level!

More strength, speed & gility.

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About me

I'm natalie and I'm a surf mama, surfing & surfset fitness instructor.

I have been consistently surfing for the last five years, and joined the sea compass surf club 4 years ago, who became a new family.

Having growing up on the coast of South Africa, the salt kissed my lifestyle has always inspired me and been close to my heart.

Recently I decided to do something more sunny and salty, something more in tune with my heart's desire to share the stoke of surfing.

Nothing brings me a bigger smile to my face than seeing other people's joy.

That together with surfing success is right where I want to be.

So come and join our club, weather if you are in to surf, fitness or both and I will be glad to share the journey with you.


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